There is so much that happens to those working in Christian vocations that can push them off balance, whether it is a life-altering event or the natural accumulation of years of stress and pressure. Like everyone, church workers are not immune from pain and problems. There is often a need for support services to be provided for Church employees in a more concentrated format than a weekly session allows. The most popular concentrated format is our “Twelve Day Intensive.”

During an Intensive, a daily two-hour individual or couple’s session will be provided by our director, Nestor Bruno, to focus the energy on what changes are desirable to the participants. Nestor will also help clients design activities which will serve to bring a sense of balance back to their lives. Approximately 20 session hours are devoted by the director during the 12-day intensive program.


The resources of Kettering Medical Center and the community of Dayton, Ohio will be available to facilitate activities helpful to the participants. An Intensive is typically scheduled with participants arriving in Dayton on the Sunday afternoon or evening before the scheduled Monday morning start of their program. Participants are generally finished by noon on the final Friday. Intensives can begin any time of the year to suit the needs of the participants.

Meals are served in one of the Kettering Health Network dining rooms. Housing can also be provided. All costs are included in the Intensive fee (call or check our web page for the latest cost to an individual or couple). Participants are advised to bring their car or rent one if flying into Dayton International Airport or a surrounding airport.

Before we came to the program, we had given up on the process of having a happy marriage. But after this 12 Day program we are leaving with HOPE

We think you guys are great. You are friendly, caring, and professional.

What was most helpful was being able to make plans to avoid falling into the same old holes over and over again.